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Are you looking for a vibrant presenter who can engage delegates in your content marketing workshops?

Juliet Fay delivers email marketing workshop for CIME

Juliet Fay delivering email marketing workshop for CIME

If you’re fed up with dull  presenters or ones that never get out of first gear then you’re in the right place. You never really know how a presenter is going to perform, until they are up in front of the delegates. Yet it is your job to find someone worth their salt.

As you are tasked with engaging good presenters for publicly or privately funded projects, you need someone who knows their subject. More than that, you need someone who can gain the trust of the audience. Someone who can get the delegates relaxed and engage them so they learn and get maximum benefit from the session. Not all presenters have that ability.


Fed up of presenters relying on Powerpoint?

Although many presenters know their subject well, their delivery in a workshop setting can be all one way. Talking at the audience lecture style, rather than facilitating learning. This makes it difficult for delegates to engage with the subject matter. If that subject matter is content marketing or email marketing, then I can bring vibrancy to your workshops.

I am a content marketing specialist, which means my focus is on how the written words can engage and encourage action. Those words can be in blog posts, articles or e-newsletters. How can words engage the audience (or not)? That’s what I can teach your delegates.

I’m available to run e-newsletters, blog writing and writing for the web workshops anywhere in the world via the internet or in person in Wales, the Midlands and the South West.  With a background in copywriting I bring a keen understanding of communication techniques combined with a creative presenting style. Rural enterprises, micro and small businesses are hungry for information on how best to communicate via the web.

So what is my knowledge of content marketing?

I have been creating content to drive change since 1992, helping not for profits, small business and large scale projects create quality content to persuade donors, buyers and consumers to think or act differently.

My background includes working in overseas development, taking organic food products to market, providing copywriting and training services for a range of organisations and businesses and from 2014-2016, I took on the role of Marketing and Business Development Manager at a heritage steam railway tourist attraction.

My focus has always been on better engagement with the target audience in order to develop deeper relationships with them leading to long term loyal fans, donors and customers.

How does that knowledge of engagement help in learning situations?

Customer engagement shares some similarities with engaging delegates. Trust needs to be built up quickly and an atmosphere created where delegates can freely share experiences and ideas. My training experience has covered a wide range of people from adult literacy learners, medical receptionists, farmers, micro business owners, marketing graduates and district officers in developing countries. To get effective outcomes you have to quickly gauge the dynamics of the group and skill level of the individuals. It’s not just about understanding delegates, sharing your skills requires well-structured and innovative learning sessions.

How well-structured learning sessions help you deliver on your objectives.

There’s nothing worse than the presenter who turns up and trots out a well worn Power Point slide show that misses key parts of your brief. It sends the audience to sleep and does nothing for the reputation of your project. Not to mention presenters who over run and mess up the whole day’s programme.

Reading, understanding and delivering according to the brief is something I do well. I understand the importance of this aspect of the work which ensures that you can deliver your project objectives and takes away potential headaches on the day.

Headache free presenter procurement

I take pains to reduce headaches for you by tailoring my workshop sessions to your brief. That includes sticking to the allocated time, structuring my session to ensure that learning takes place and avoiding tired Power Point presentations. Many of my sessions include Action Plan workbooks that help inspire focused business activity after the learning.

The point of any training or workshop is, surely, to inspire action. Since 2009 I have developed bespoke training for a number of private and public sector organisations to deliver focused, practical marketing and copywriting training to small groups. The purpose: to help those delegates communicate better.

Better communication is always a valid goal.

In 2011, I developed training in Become a Twitter Pro (even if you hate small talk), to help rural businesses understand and utilise this powerful networking tool. Twitter in particular has huge untapped potential as an engagement tool for everything from social enterprise to start up business to revolution. As tools evolve, my workshop programme develops to reflect new thinking and new approaches. In 2012, content marketing has been added to reflect the growing interest in using branded storytelling via blogs to engage with customers in the virtual market place.

Content marketing and Social Media Training

  • Marketing Success
  • E-newsletter strategy and content
  • Email Marketing using Mail Chimp
  • Content marketing (introduction)
  • Content marketing (advanced)
  • Copywriting

Would you like a proposal for content marketing training?

Email me now enclosing your brief and subject area and let’s have a conversation.

Interested in my track record? Read on…..

I’ve been hired as a trainer in South Wales by…..

During my 2 years at Gwili Steam Railway I provided in-house training for volunteers and staff on:-

  • Responding to Trip Advisor Reviews (positive and negative)
  • MailChimp

Here’s what clients have to say about hiring me as a trainer

Nathan, Academic Liaison Officer, Software Alliance Wales

Nathan, Academic Liaison Officer for Software Alliance Wales, engaged Juliet to deliver a 4 week Twitter Pro training the Software Alliance Wales project which involved two half day workshops and 4 weeks of homework with email support.

Software Alliance Wales supports innovation and growth amongst the ICT and Software Sector within the Convergence areas of Wales. It creates a platform for developers across the region to network and share best practice, and to promote Wales as a key driving force in Software Development. When asked about the experience of hiring Juliet, this is what Nathan had to say,

“One of my biggest concerns when I hire a presenter is whether they’ll be any good or not! Small business owners give up valuable time to attend these events. We want them to go away feeling they have gained something useful. I didn’t have to worry about that with Juliet, because I already knew the quality of her presenting workshops for CIME (Creativity in Micro Enterprises) Project. Her website also came up in online searches for suitable trainers. She was highly recommended by word of mouth as well.

The level of interaction Juliet achieves is unique, . Many presenters, especially if they haven’t had a lot of practice, immediately reach for Power Point and stand in front of the audience going through the slides. They seem afraid of too much interaction with the delegates.

Although Juliet knows her subject well she communicates in every day language avoiding technical jargon that can be off putting.

Juliet shows a high level of expertise on the subjects which she offers training in. This was proved as some of the questions that can arise during this sort of training can really put someone on the spot unless they know the subject well. Juliet has proved time and again that she really has a high level of understanding of the topics, and can really offer a unique level of training.

Juliet is friendly and approachable throughout the process. She offers support to delegates after the workshop which is very valuable and something few trainers provide. Delegates from the SAW Tw,itter Pro training have benefited from her support via Twitter and email.

Her workshops prepare people to put their learning into action, giving them something they can take home and work on straight away. Following up after workshops is important and is something Juliet does very well.

I would absolutely recommend Juliet Fay as a social media trainer in South West Wales. She is very helpful and offers good value for money.”

Sara Fox, Project Manager, Creativity and Innovation in Micro-Enterprises

Sara Fox, Project Officer, CIME

Sara Fox, Project Officer, CIME

Sara Fox the Project Manager for Creativity and Innovation in Micro Enterprises hired me to run workshops on email marketing for micro enterprises in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

The CIME (Creativity and Innovation in Micro-Enterprises) project aims to attract small enterprises that are looking for new methods to address business issues and stimulate creativity and innovation. Sarah had this to say,

“When I’m looking for deliverers I want someone vibrant and go getting. Lots of people set themselves up as consultants and may be very knowledgeable about their field, but have no idea how deadly dull they are when presenting.

I was looking for people who are successful in their own field and who have the right personality to be able to deliver workshops to an audience of small and micro business owners. It helps if people have a track record and their work is generally visible.
I was aware of Juliet through several different networks. She had delivered training for another Trinity Saint David project but also when I Googled ‘email marketing training’, her website came up. It reinforced my decision to use her because I saw Juliet’s name in other places.

Juliet has the knowledge and skills in email marketing to help businesses avoid the common pitfalls and to keep their customers engaged and informed rather than turning them off.

After the first session, I saw how good Juliet was. There was such a positive response from the small business owners. Once people trust someone they are more likely to take in the message. Juliet bonded well with the business people.

At the university we have plenty of academics from the Business School to provide lectures but for an interactive workshop, Juliet, with her small business background, has a little bit more cudos with the businesses. She has been there “on the coalface” She is a vibrant deliverer, very go getting in her approach.

I developed a generic brief to procure trainers. The training had to be focused towards the targets of the project which was getting businesses to innovate using creative techniques.

A lot of deliverers didn’t use creative techniques even though they had the knowledge on e.g. marketing, social media.
I often got sent generic pitches that didn’t reflect the language of the brief. Juliet’s was one of the few that seemed to grasp what I wanted and she obviously tailored her training to help me deliver on my creativity targets.

Juliet has that special skill which enables her to manage people and get them to participate.  That allows change and learning to take place in the session.

Businesses come for networking as well as learning. These events provide an opportunity to blow their own trumpet and also get opinions from others on their business or aspects of their business. During Juliet’s sessions, business owners worked on tasks together and so formed good links with each other.

In terms of pre and post delivery, Juliet kept in regular contact with me which is a big help. Having to chase people up is time consuming.

Coming to a university venue to listen to people in suits can be a bit over powering for small business owners. Juliet brings an element of fun to the sessions. She made people feel safe and secure. Her style is non- threatening.

The best thing about Juliet doing the workshops was that she was easy to work with. I knew I could rely on her to deliver a good, enjoyable day that businesses would benefit from. What Juliet does has a lot of value and I would recommend her whole heartedly.“

Fiona Davies, Membership Services Manager at Women In Rural Enterprise, UK

Fiona Davies, Membership Services Manager at WIRE UK

Fiona Davies hired me to give a presentation titled, ‘Selling, a transfer of confidence from one person to another’ for a WIRE conference in Chard, Somerset. Fiona said,

“We think long and hard about finding presenters. We always have a fairly specific audience. Any old presenter won’t do. An inappropriate presenter just puts such a horrible damper on the event. Delegates should never feel they’re being talked down to. We need presenters that understand our audience. That’s why we chose someone like Juliet.

Being on Juliet’s email marketing list gave me a drip drip reminder that this is the kind of person that I wanted to hire as a presenter. We knew her, knew her ethics, knew her authenticity. WIRE as an organization believes strongly in the idea, Know me, like me, work with me, collaborate with me.” If we go outside the membership we might get the wrong presenter  which can be awful.

What we don’t want is death by PowerPoint. Loads and loads and loads of information, delivered horribly which is patronizing and wrong for the audience.

I had wanted Juliet to present for quite a long time. That was from getting to know her over a period of time and from the positive feedback WIRE members gave after she organized a social media workshop in Carmarthenshire.

 Juliet was fantastic. I was once told by a sales presenter, “the best presentations always have a focus.”  Juliet brought props, she introduced them, then kept going back to her props. So the whole thing made sense. The whole thing was a circle. People have strong memories linked to the visual and the audio and the content. Something like that, with that much visual content, tends to stay with you a lot longer.

You have to know you can trust people. You have to know they are going to do the right thing and she absolutely did. The feedback from the delegates was fantastic. We’d been briefed in advance about what she was going to say and she sent images and information so we could promote the event.

 It’s also about making the conference organisers have confidence in you prior to the event, and then during and after. Juliet absolutely does that.

 I’ve had people turn up half an hour before their presentation by which point I was in a blind panic. Juliet arrived in plenty of time and instilled confidence from the beginning. There was constant communication. I just was absolutely confident it was going to be fine.

 I would absolutely recommend Juliet 100%.”

For your next e-marketing or content creation workshop, hire a presenter who engages delegates, is professional in preparation and communication and who invariably offers delegates ongoing support through an online library of e-marketing articles and regular social media updates.

For a quote please email me.

P.S. You don’t have to settle for death by Power Point, there is another way. Bring in a small business owner familiar with practical experience of what works and what doesn’t.

P.P.S. Don’t need to hire someone right now? Get to know me and my work by following me on Twitter and sign up for my regular articles on marketing and copywriting.












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