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How can you get high quality articles to establish expertise, attract new customers and convert subscribers to buyers?

By engaging me to write compelling articles for your website or email campaigns, giving you a library of high quality content that can help drive traffic to your website and win you new business. Down the line you can even take that content and use it in your training manuals, create mini reports or e-books. Once you’ve paid for the articles they’re yours to use as you see fit.

If you subscribe to e-newsletters you know that some are valuable. You make time to read them. How do you feel about the businesses that send those ones?

You may not buy from them straight away, but when that business does offer you products or services, you’re far more likely to buy because you know, like and trust them. It’s a slow burn but the rewards from article marketing can be great (and it beats forcing yourself to do the hard sell when it makes you uncomfortable).

What are the rewards from SEO article marketing?

The benefits of article writing for businesses, organisations and projects are well documented. Here are just a few of them:

  • Improve search engine rankings online by having search engine optimised key phrases included
  • Establish expertise
  • Improve credibility
  • Gain ‘expert column’ writing opportunities in trade and regional press
  • Provide better services to existing clients/members
  • Leave a legacy of  high quality online content for European funded projects
  • Improve skills and learning within your organization as you expand your knowledge specifically for article marketing
  • Provide a foundation for further e-material such as e-reports, e-books and e-training

That’s the good news. The bad news is that delivering high quality content to a fixed schedule isn’t easy.

Getting that content created regularly can prove challenging

Your organization may have the knowledge and expertise but lack the resources to turn that knowledge into engaging articles suitable for e-newsletters or article libraries. For many it is simply lack of time and the fact there is always more important stuff to be done. Another issue is that writing in plain English doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It’s not a skill we’re born with. It can be learnt, however.

I’m an accredited copywriter with The Institute of Copywriting, I’ve spent my working life honing my writing skills to communicate specific messages in plain English.

I’ve written thousands of pieces for my own and others’ businesses.  Ranging from technical articles for Southern States Co-operative in the US to articles on social media for The Soil Association’s Organic Farming Magazine to regular articles on email marketing, content marketing and Twitter for my own readership. That’s many, many hours spent crafting written communications.

Reap the benefit of over 10,000 hours spent developing my writing skills

To consistently produce high quality articles requires practice, lots of practice. It’s my job, what I do week in, week out. So why not benefit from the hours I’ve already put in?  For articles to engage the reader and achieve the business results you want, they need to be well planned. Relevant topics need to be identified and broken down into manageable chunks suitable for email articles.

I can help with the planning, outlining and creation of effective articles because I understand how to engage an audience using drama, examples and tried and tested outline structures for compelling articles. I invest in fine tuning my skills. In 2012 I enrolled in a 3 month intensive article writing course which involved 270 hours of article writing. So yes I understand the structure of good article writing.

Understanding the mechanics of a good article

Articles need to work hard. They have to establish your credibility, deliver useful content and engage readers with relevant information using devices that have universal appeal. They must avoid alienating readers through too much jargon, ill-judged jokes or references to popular culture that are not understood by all.

For the purposes of building expertise and your list, the articles need to be between 400 and 800 words longer. Longer pieces can work well as a mini report but generally in email marketing, shorter pieces are more effective. More complex subjects can be broken down into a series of articles. And of course you’ll want them to attract attention online from your target audience.

Optimising your articles for the internet

Carefully crafted articles destined for the internet, whether on your website, blog or in other online publications or websites, can play a vital role in making your services more visible online and attracting new traffic.

To ensure that your articles rank well when relevant searches are made on Google and other search engines, you need to consider these 4 points:

  1. Key phrases: understanding what key phrases are being used by your customers is crucial as these need woven into in your articles (but used sparingly).
  2. Topic selection: choose the right topic and your articles can provide a taster or teaser of e.g. your training courses. For this to be effective, a clear call to action needs to be added to your articles, directing readers to find out more about your services or ask for a quote.
  3. Meta tags: correct tagging and descriptions of your articles can increase their visibility with search engines like Google.
  4. Promotion: using social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can be effective in promoting your articles and a schedule needs to be set up to do this.

Online visibility helps build your list, which is a crucial part of article marketing.

Helping you build your list

Sending out useful relevant industry articles can bring you to the attention of much bigger players in your field including editors and industry bosses. Building your list should be an ongoing activity. Planning how you do that is part of the package.

By now you’ll see that this is a comprehensive article marketing service designed to bring you long term benefits and build a loyal readership. That’s not what everyone wants.

Will this service suit every business?

No. This service isn’t for those who:

  • Just need proof reading of their e-newsletters
  • Only want a light edit of their writing
  • Expect results after one e-newsletter
  • Want to do offer based e-newsletters
  • Need a designer to create email newsletter templates (I can recommend others with this expertise)
  • Want someone to operate MailChimp or similar email marketing software programmes for them ( I offer 1:2:1 or group training on MailChimp, use the contact form at the end to ask for a quote).

If you understand the potential of article marketing and realize that it is a long term marketing strategy and want to use my expertise to plan and execute a 6, 12 or 18 month campaign, then I’d be delighted to work with you.

Here’s what you get when you bring me in to deliver seo articles for your article marketing campaigns

A virtual meeting to develop strategy, plan e-newsletter parameters and discuss list building strategies (2-3 hours via Google Hang Out or Skype).

  • Analysis of subscribers and products or services offered.
  • Review of email marketing delivery programme
  • Discussion/review of template/design to be used
  • Discussion of follow up strategy
  • Define areas to develop/services to push
  • Brainstorming topics
  • Agreed list of topics
  • Prepared list of topics and outlines
  • List of information required e.g. case studies, quotes, figures, examples etc.
  • Content creation
  • Editing for grammar, tone and adherence to brief
  • Fully proofed and formatted 400- 800 word articles in Microsoft Word document (text) ready to be uploaded to your website or email marketing programme
  • Duplication checking using Copyscape technology

So does it matter what kind of business articles you want written?

What subject areas are covered?

I can write about many areas, once I have enough background material to grasp the essential concepts. However my particular areas of expertise is rural business, specifically:

  • Micro business management
  • Small business marketing
  • Artisan food
  • Farm retail
  • Smallholding
  • Sustainable living
  • Personal development
  • Tourism
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing

With technical information supplied by you I can happily write on a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Training, education and literacy
  • Internet marketing
  • Photography
  • Creative industries
  • Lifestyle businesses
  • Arts and crafts
  • Agriculture
  • Grants

Once you provide the facts, my job is to create compelling articles that offer something of value to your readers. I am quick to understand concepts and my skill lies in translating those into plain English, easily understood by your audience. So what would you have to pay for these services?

“We realised we need to write relevant content for our e-newsletters – it just took too much time to get it right!”

“Juliet understands the power of words in marketing”, says Diana Vickers of The Best of Carmarthen

Diana Vickers from The Best of Carmarthen“The challenge we had was finding time.  We realised we needed to write relevant content for both our business and consumer led e-newsletters which we could do but not efficiently as we needed to first think of a relevant topic and then write it and although reasonable at writing copy – it just took too much time to get it right.  Juliet saved us TIME so we could do what we do best – increase profits!We discussed topics beginning of the month and in the main Juliet helped and came up  with relevant and timely topics.  She then went away and wrote them and emailed the completed version ready for the newsletters.  The Consumer Newsletter was weekly and the Business newsletter was fortnightly

Juliet knew how to engage the Audience quickly and effectively with Thought provoking if not catchy headlines.

Juliet is able to draw the reader in with short punchy sentences and paragraphs.

Juliet delivered on time, everytime!

I would recommend this service as the quality of writing is very good.  Juliet understands the power of words in Marketing. All business owners need to know when and how to delegate for most effective use of their skills.  It was much more cost effective to use Juliet for this area of my business and she is worth every penny of her fee!
We would have no hesitation in recommending Juliet. One of her greatest assets is the ability to listen, understand and dissect what I required and more often than not come up with something so much better than I would have written!!”

Diana Vickers, The Best of Carmarthen



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