Turning customer complaints from problems into possibilities

Gatehouse, under siege customer complaints 
Do you dread bad reviews and get upset or even angry when complaints come in? Finding yourself wanting to pull up the drawbridge as if you were under siege? It’s common to take complaints personally and then go on the defensive or just stick your head in the sand, ignoring bad online reviews  but customer complaints (online or in person) can present all kinds of possibilities to develop your business, build your brand and increase customer loyalty.
In this workshop, Juliet Fay will help you explore:-
  • How not to take complaints personally (understanding separate realities)
  • How to listen (with nothing on your mind)
  • How to make your own guidelines/plan for dealing with customer complaints
  • How to see marketing development opportunities in complaints
  • How your response to complaints can be a selling tool
  • How to turn unhappy customers into your best ambassadors
  • Understanding the possibilities of each online review platform
Juliet Fay is a Marketing Geek and Three Principles Facilitator helping individuals and business people understand more about how state of mind impacts creativity, resilience and wellbeing in life and work.
Contact Juliet if you’d like this workshop delivered for your self or for your team, online or in person.