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You know you need more sales and more profit from your business, but how can you find effective, practical marketing tips that don’t take up hours and hours of your time? What with production, administration, processing and all the red tape let alone things like children, animals and community committments you find it hard to carve out time for any marketing.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could get regular ‘tips’ that you could implement quickly and easily? Practical ideas which would make a real difference to your takings.

Subscribing to Juliet Fay’s e-news, means you get useful articles straight to your inbox, but that’s not all…

I want to give you the tools to start helping you immediately, and to do that I’m going to give you a free e-book entitled “8 Worst Website Writing Traps” (and how to avoid them).

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I know that some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of email tracking, particularly because they did not realise this is common practice. So the point of flagging this up to you, is to be transparent. My aim is to help you, not make you uneasy. So if you’d rather not sign up because of this, then you can keep in touch by going and liking my Facebook page or you can follow me on Twitter instead.

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