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In the days before websites, I turned to the Yellow Pages to find butchers’ shops in the nearest city. Once I had a list, I set off, without any samples, hoping to interest them in our organic chickens. At each shop I gave my spiel about our wonderful chickens, and smiled hopefully.

What happened?

All but one said no. That one butcher took a chance on me and asked me to deliver 10 chickens the following week. He took a big risk because I had nothing to show him.

Imagine how much more compelling my spiel would have been, if I’d offered a sample. Imagine if it hadn’t been any old sample but a Perample Sample.

What is a Perample sample?

A Perample Sample is the sample that creates the best, but true, first impression. It is a perfect example of the quality product you can deliver to the butcher’s shop week after week. Let’ say it is a fresh, oven- ready chicken, plucked to perfection and dressed with an inconspicuous poultry tie. The skin is firm and taut with perhaps a golden tinge from an outdoor life pastured on grass. It looks ready to be basted and popped in the oven.

It comes in a pristine, cardboard poultry box where it sits on crisp, clean grease proof paper. Because you know how to process birds properly the chicken has set properly and there isn’t the hint of a blemish anywhere on the bird.

 Why does it give you twice the chance of getting the sale?

There are 3 reasons the butcher is twice as likely to want to do business with you. These are:

1. You’ve shown the quality of your product

2. You’ve made the effort to bring in the sample

3. You’ve shown enterprise in cold calling

How does the Perample sample help the butcher decide?

They always say you never see a poor butcher. Why? Successful butchers combine an uncompromising attitude to quality with a farmer’s attitude to price. To make their margin they will push for the lowest possible price. Quality is what brings their customers back. They can’t afford even one sub standard lamb chop, so woe betide any supplier that tries to get away with seconds or poor quality meat.

By bringing in your Perample Sample, you allow the butcher to weigh up the quality right in front of his eyes. If satisfied with that, all he has to do is focus on getting the right price. Without a sample he is taking a big risk by ordering with you.

When should you take in a Perample Sample?

Pick your time to deliver a Perample Sample. Avoid delivery times as you’ll be jostling with established suppliers. Avoid times when customers are queueing, the butcher won’t give you the time of day. How do you find out the best time? An hour before closing when equipment is being cleaned down, is a good time to call in.

 It takes too much time to visit butchers with samples

Taking a Perample Sample to the right butcher could get you a £100.00 worth of weekly orders, that’s over £5000 worth of business per year. If you take your Perample Sample then you’ve taken away half the risk for the butcher, making them twice as likely to place an order with you.

A carefully prepared Perample Sample will create a lasting, good impression which will increase your chances of winning new business. All you have to do is make sure every consignment maintains the same quality.


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