Running to stand still in your organisation?


Organisational change


Is your business finding change difficult?

As an organisation grows beyond the merry band of start up visionaries (often family members) and takes on paid staff, things can get hectic. It’s easy to feel nostalgic for that original excitement and passion you felt in the early days, as you put in another 60 hour week. It feels like you’re running to stand still.

Working all the hours and burning yourselves out

If you or your staff are working all the hours and feeling under constant stress, I can help. By working with you and your team, I can help you understand more about where the problems you see are coming from and where you might find solutions.

This is a new field of work for me. Having spent many years in marketing, providing advice and training for rural entrepreneurs and organisations, I’m now helping organisations and businesses reduce stress and overwhelm in order to re-capture their original vision and have the business they once dreamed of.


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