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MailChimp ExpertNew! Virtual MailChimp Coaching

Now available virtually, with screen sharing using the Zoom platform (no account required and simple to use, full instructions provided). Receive a recording of your tutorial for easy future reference. Read a client review of this service at the bottom of this page.

Email me now to get help with MailChimp.

I’m delighted to be included in MailChimp’s Experts Directory.

As a MailChimp trainer and coach, I join a band of, designers, coders and email marketing professionals around the world all keen to bring the benefits of using MailChimp to a wider audience.

MailChimp specialists here in West Wales are a bit thin on the ground, so it’s nice to get a pin in Carmarthenshire on the MailChimp Experts map.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an online email marketing solution to build contact lists, send bulk emails and track results.

Why is MailChimp a good tool for social enterprises and small businesses?

Designed to be used by everyday business folk like you and me, MailChimp offers a Forever Free programme for small lists (currently up to 2000 subscribers).

The interface is set up so that you don’t need to be a programmer or computer geek to create and send professional looking sales emails and e-newsletters.

There are pre-designed templates or you can create your own using your brand logo, colours and fonts. For a truly bespoke e-newsletter you can bring in a geek to code a MailChimp template from scratch.

What makes a MailChimp expert?

The directory lists MailChimp specialists. It does not endorse our skills but rather like Yellow Pages, provides a listing for those offering help with MailChimp.

My experience of running e-newsletter campaigns for rural businesses naturally led to training others to use the digital tools. I’ve run email marketing and practical, hands on, MailChimp workshops for rural businesses and marketing officers, for:

So what kind of help can you get from me?

How can you work with me?

Depending on your needs, you can get help with MailChimp and email marketing in a number of different ways:

  • Signing up to get regular FREE articles on email marketing, marketing for rural businesses and sales writing. It makes sense to do this straight away, then you can get immediate help and see if we’re a good fit. Join the list now.
  • Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page for tips and links to other good material. You’ll meet past delegates and others that run rural businesses.
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn
  • If you don’t see a workshop you can attend, consider hiring me to run a private workshop for your organisation, project or team. I’m happy to run events in Wales and England (and further afield if needed). Find out more.
  • If it’s just you or you prefer to learn on your own, you can book a 1:2:1 coaching session in person or online Find out more.

MailChimp is an excellent tool for social enterprise and small businesses. I look forward to helping you get more from it.

Email me now to get help with MailChimp.


Here’s what one satisfied client had to say…….

I am a one person training provider in dementia care, and direct the Company. I do my own admin, PR and marketing. I needed to learn how to use mail chimp so that I can activate my newsletters and training events as and when I need them.

Did you any concerns or doubts before you made the decision to hire me?

  • Yes. I thought I may not understand or remember what is asked of me.
  • The coach may go too fast and I couldn’t keep up.
  • Lack of confidence in the coach – my experiences has been that people sell themselves as having skills when actually they have no more experience than myself.
  • In a rural setting I thought the internet may go down which is a frequent occurrence here and I would waste my money.

What were you hoping to get from enlisting my services?


  • To get a newsletter out there this week.
  • To have the confidence and skills to do the next newsletter myself.

What did you find having used my services?

  • Speedy response to my initial contact.
  • I work better face to face – I had never experienced zoom room before, sounded complex, but so simple to use and was as good as siting with the coach.
  • I achieved my outcomes.
  • The coach was friendly, listen to what I needed, worked at a perfect pace for me.
  • Having been told the session was videoed and recorded meant I can re-visit the session, this took the pressure of taking notes, hence I took more in.

What was the best thing about the help you received?

  • To get a newsletter out there this week.
  • To have the confidence and skills to do the next newsletter myself.
  • The coach was friendly, listen to what I needed, worked at a perfect pace for me.

Would you recommend my help with MailChimp?


How I found you

I put out a post on Facebook looking for someone who can coach me MailChimp. You were recommended by a friend called Tim King (retired Shropshire Council Tourist and Museum Manager)

Julia Pitkin, Dementia Sense





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  1. Hi Juliet, would you be interested in giving me a quote for a design and build? Thanks, Steve

  2. Hi Steve
    Thanks for your comment. Can you email me with more details of the MailChimp project you have in mind? Cheers Juliet

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