Get your copywriting project done!


Is there a copywriting project that’s been on your TO DO list for ever?

Chaos. Blank paper. Get Your Copywriting Project Done

Does the blank page haunt you? Are you fed up with it and just wish you could GET IT DONE?

Whether it is copy (text) for your new website, sales pages for new products, a new service or course,  a leaflet or email marketing campaign, if you would love to see it completed and feel pleased with it, then this could be just the package for you.

It’s easy to get paralysed wondering if you are using the right words for the right audience and in that tangle of indecision, writing even a single line can be agony. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets.

Each month I offer just 3 slots to help a social entrepreneur or business owner get outstanding copywriting projects done.

For a fixed price you can hire me to create copy for one of the following:

  • 5 page website*
  • Sales web page or landing page with calls to action, testimonials for a high value product, course or service
  • Email marketing campaign to include 6 sales emails
  • Double sided 3 fold DL leaflet copy and advice on image selection

Copywriting is part psychology, part science and partly comes with experience.

A copywriter’s job is to understand the audience: who is buying and what they are buying and match this with what the enterprise is selling. Mixing it all together, the copywriter creates a compelling sales message presented to suit the different medium e.g. web page, leaflet, email.

It is much much more than making a few tweaks to a rough draft.

As part of the bundle you will get:-

  • A review of your target audience
  • A review of your creative proposition
  • Advice on image selection and captions
  • Advice on testimonials: getting them and using them effectively
  • Create appropriate sales message
  • Clear call to action appropriate to how your business works
  • Proof reading
  • Recommendations on promoting content created

What’s more you will get content which you can re-purpose for future promotions and in the creation of this copy you will understand more about your audience and how to create compelling sales copy yourself.

It will be your responsibility to get content uploaded to digital sites (including your website) or to a graphic designer and printer for layout and final production of print materials (recommendations can be provided if you need assistance with this).

Why hire me

I have been providing training and writing sales copy, sales messages and articles for 10 years for a variety of enterprises and sectors in the UK and overseas including

  • alternative therapists & healers
  • coaches & facilitators
  • health care training
  • tourism & leisure
  • authors
  • consultants
  • accountants
  • solicitors
  • insurance brokers
  • software developers
  • co-operative finance
  • food and farming
  • farming co-operatives
  • organic sector
  • social enterprises
  • artisan craft enterprises
  • charities
  • professional membership associations
  • trade organisations
  • retail businesses
  • Public relations and advertising agencies
  • EU funded programmes

My interest is in the psychology of selling and building relationships between those with something to offer and those searching for solutions.

The price


There are only 3 slots available each month, so if you want to put a big TICK next to your copywriting project, contact me now.

*If you have a website with more than 5 pages, please email me for a quote.