About Me


Connecting people and making change happen. That’s what I do.

It’s been a great adventure so far, taking in:-

Erasmus exchange, Bologna, Italy • Adult literacy training in York, UK • Teaching English in Nepal • NGO fundraising, Papua New Guinea • LandRover Expedition, Papua New Guinea • Workshops, Solomon Islands • Renovating hospital equipment for Pacific Islands, Australia • Setting up an Organic Veg Box Scheme, Wiltshire, UK • Organic table bird production & retail, Carmarthenshire, Wales • Marketing, training and copywriting consultancy (worldwide) • E-marketing semi-professional, MailChimp Expert • Marketing a heritage steam railway, Wales

One Solution – the invisible key to global change – conference in Oslo, Norway, May 2016 – attendee

What next?

I’m looking to take this up a level and help community groups, small businesses and charities look more towards tapping into their own wisdom to realise ways of marketing and communicating that are fun, bring in people they want to work with and are easy to make happen. Learning how to get less side tracked by perceived doubts, frustrations, obstacles and disagreements. Imagine where that could take you!

More on this and where it came from, later…….

If you’d like me to work with your organisation, business or project, please contact me for an initial chat. I offer help virtually or in person if you are in the West Wales area.

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May 2016

P.S. The library of articles on this website was started in 2009. Please explore. It’s free.