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Jul 262016

Workshop for organisations

Do you want to feel more confident about marketing your project or business?

Rather than trying to follow other’s marketing strategies, this programme mines the creativity and resources you already have, bringing clarity to your marketing challenges and helping you **see** opportunities, strengths and actions your team can take straight away to make your marketing more enjoyable, more effective and involve more of your team. Exactly what those actions are will vary with each team.

This is not about piling on the workload but about taking a new look at the state of mind around marketing in your organisation and pointing towards a new understanding so you can take your marketing to the next level.

Being in business doesn’t have to be about stress and overwhelm, it can be creative and fun!

Who are they for?

Organisations that provide support, mentoring or training for:

Groups of people working on a social enterprise project or in a community group who want to carry out marketing activities more confidently and find out how to access and act on good marketing ideas.

Marketing teams in small to medium size businesses.


Tailored to suit your organisation but typically might include

1 x 3 hour session virtual or in person (if distance allows)

2 x follow up 1 hour Skype sessions

Where are they held?

In South West Wales, these sessions can be delivered in person. Elsewhere in the world, they can be delivered virutally through the magic on the Internet.

How the sessions work

  • Bring your team together – marketing heads and customer facing staff/volunteers
  • Put your biggest marketing challenges on the table
  • Take a fresh look at those challenges – from a new understanding of human experience
  • Understand where creative ideas come from
  • Explore this fresh perspective in your business
  • Capture and act on fresh ideas that start to come as your team raises their state of mind
  • Return to review your changing experience of marketing activity and deepen your understanding

About the facilitator Juliet Fay

Well known in South West Wales as a speaker and trainer helping rural entrepreneurs understand more about the psychology of marketing, I’ve recently completed a 2 year stint working as Marketing and Business Development Manager for a heritage steam railway, increasing passenger numbers by 29%.


Increase marketing confidence and capacity to promote goods and services.


Please contact me to discuss the price for your group.


Contact me for a complimentary conversation about setting up these sessions for your members, group or organisation.

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