1:2:1 coaching


Having trouble with your digital marketing?

Mystified by MailChimp, exasperated with email marketing or wrestling with writing?

Struggling to work out a strategy or want to learn tips to create killer content?

Not everyone likes to learn in a group in a classroom setting. For some, because of time pressures, very specific challenges or lack of confidence with digital tools, the best solution is 1:2:1 coaching which can give you bespoke tuition to get you on track fast.

1:2:1marketing advice with Juliet Fay

What digital marketing issues do you need help with?

You’ll get the most out of the coaching if you focus on a specific area such as:

  • Marketing – creative ideas and strategies for article writing, email marketing, social media or events including working out cracking special offers and finding your niche.
  • Content – help you improve your sales messages, sales emails, web pages, leaflets or posters (bring a sample along and we can work on it together)
  • Digital tools – bring your laptop and get 1:2:1 tuition on MailChimp, or the basics of Twitter or Hootsuite.

How have clients found 1:2:1 digital marketing coaching?

Lynne Collinson, Wigwam Holidays

Lynne Collinson, Wigwam Holidays

“I was wondering if even despite one to one training I just wouldn’t ‘click’ with Milchimp but knowing Juliet’s excellent communication skills – I was fairly optimistic.

I found the coaching really user friendly and encouraging. It was good knowing the sessions were being recorded so that I would be able to go back over the training in detail as we were covering a lot of ground and there was a lot to take in

I liked that it was relaxed and I could ask questions as we went along – it was interactive.

Would I recommend the training? A definite yes! Ideal for anyone unconfident with computers but longing to be released into the creative business tool of e-mail marketing – it removes what could be a blockage to progress

It is well worth the investment when you need to hit the ground running and haven’t got time to play about teaching yourself and experimenting. Also the week’s e-mail follow up support service was excellent – Juliet quickly provided detailed and easy to follow answers to all my queries. Am now sending out all sorts of Campaigns as part of my PR job – and loving it!”

Lynne Collinson PR for Wigwam Holidays

Testimonial for 1:2:1 with Juliet Fay

  “Juliet is friendly and personable. She delivers her sound subject knowledge with pace using every minute of the time allotted. She is well organised and tailors her training to her clients needs ….. I would have no hestitation in recommending her services.” Anne Incledon, Quality Cottages


Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker

Could Juliet help me where online support had failed?

Mailchimp has great online support.  Why on earth would I need someone else to help me?

 I needed to update my list management strategy. It is at this point that the shortcomings of online email support systems become clear. Mailchimp online support was very helpful. But they haven’t been able to help me decide how I should segments my lists in the future.

A one-hour conversation and Juliet sorted me out. By the end of our time together, I knew exactly what options were open to me. I understood the pros and cons of each option. I was able to decide the correct way forward.

Working with Juliet was successful for me because she was able to understand my business issues as well as my technical Mailchimp issues. Our one-to-one session was tailored specifically to my needs. And the fact that she asked the right questions of me before our session started meant that no time was wasted.

I would recommend Juliet’s services highly to anyone who wants to understand how to use Mailchimp in the right way for their business.

Matthew Parker, Print and Procurement

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